Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program Application

I would like to be considered to be a Volunteer for the Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Program. I understand that if accepted into the NE-EMGV Program, I am required to complete the scheduled training sessions (approximately 40 hours) and donate an equal number of hours of approved NE-EMG Volunteer Activities, within my community. The volunteer service must be completed by October 31 of the year in which my training was done.

NOTE: Participants not able to complete their volunteer service between March and October of this year should not sign up for the Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program.

Note: This application form includes a question about misdemeanor or felony conviction. A criminal record will not necessarily prevent an applicant from being a Master Gardener volunteer. A criminal record will be considered as it relates to specifics of the volunteer position for which the applicant is applying.

Authorization - I authorize a representative of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and Nebraska Extension office to contact the listed references. I understand that omission or misrepresentation of any information requested is just caused for non-acceptance as a NE-EMGV. If accepted as a volunteer, I agree to abide by the policies of the University of Nebraska, Nebraska Extension, and the NE-EMGV Program. I understand that after the successful completion of the NE-EMGV program training, I will be expected to devote a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer service to NE-EMGV program activities during the summer following my training. My submission of this NE-EMGV Program application indicates that I have read and will adhere to the guidelines in the general position descriptions and with the Nebraska Extension policies regarding the NE-EMGV program.

* denotes information is required 

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